Measuring the Scope and Impact of Open-Source Software

This ongoing collaboration with University of Virginia, the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics and the Bureau of Economic Analysis, we use web scraping, computational text analysis and network analysis to measure the scope and impact of open-source software development.
policy research oss networks nlp web harvesting viz

The Rise of Diversity in Biomedical Research

This project with Catherine Lee (Rutgers Sociology) uses computational text analysis and word embeddings to study the use of diversity and population terms in ~2.6M biomedical abstracts from 1990-2020
sts race nlp viz ethics

Using Predictive Analytics to Study Gentrification

This is a collaborative project where my team at the UVA Biocomplexity Institute used predictive modeling to examine and hopefully mitigate gentrification risk across Fairfax County, VA.
geospatial policy research predictive modeling viz ethics

Impacts and Echoes (The History of Nutrition Science in the US)

In this collaboration with Cathie Woteki (UVA/Iowa State), Vicki Lancaster (UVA) and Sam Cohen, we analyze the implications of the 1969 White House Conference on Food, Nutrition and Health.
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