Brandon Kramer is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology at Rutgers University. His research interests lie at the intersection of medical sociology, science & technology studies, computational social science, and social neuroscience.

Brandon's dissertation project, entitled Biomedical MultipliciTs: How the Testosterone Industry Reconstructs Risk to Promote Pharmaceuticals, analyzes the expansion of the testosterone industry and how ongoing controversies within that domain disproportionately impact marginalized groups - especially African American men. To do this, Brandon employs science & technology studies and computational methods to study how the risks associated with testosterone have changed across the biomedical sciences since 1980. His work is particularly interested in how testosterone has become racialized and how that process affects the politics of health disparities research.

In his work, Brandon incorporates a range of methods, including the collection of biological markers like cortisol, testosterone, heart rate variability, and blood pressure; the use of descriptive, visual, and inferential social network analysis like exponential random graph models; computational text analysis tools like structural topic modeling; and more traditional qualitative methods like discourse analysis and interviews.